Retro Classic details include

- Rubber mounted engine,
​- 36 Degree rake frame
​- 88 cubic in. engine
​- Delkron cases
- S&S cylinders, ported H.D. heads​
- Andrews 51 Cam S&S Carb
- BUB exhaust
- 5 - speed Transmission
​- American suspension
- High End Seat
 - GMA brakes

KraftTech frame 30 deg. rake, 0 stretch

Polished 88" S&S engine

6-speed transmission

230 X 18" rear tire, 21" front tire

Metzler tires

Kustomwerks tanks and fenders


The Retro Classic FLH
A combination of new technology with the look of an early model Harley

A finished project The first in a series of original motorcycles by Blackhawk.

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2001 Indian Scout belonging to Lawrence Hufford

Repowered from an "88" S&S to a PP 100 engine- Rebuilt and  Upgrades to motorcycle 

and Paint

- Another original motorcycle built by Blackhawk.

                                                              PROJECT 45

For the past several years I have wanted to get back in to motorcycle racing, as a part time deal. I have looked at the off-road racing arena, trying to decide what type of racing would suit me best at my age and the time I had to devote to it. Vintage racing seemed like the direction to go and dirt track racing an old flathead would be a real kick. So I started looking for an old H-D or Indian 45 to set up for racing. Unfortunately, everything looked a bit pricey for what I am trying to achieve. I do not want  to purchase a restored bike and then tear it all apart. That would be a real disservice to an old restored classic. And the older "Bobbers" and builder bikes are just plain too much money for what you get in the deal. So I have decided to build my own. The picture you see is of a crankcase I bought through Ebay. A complete motorcycle will be built around it. The bike will be built from aftermarket parts, as well as Ebay and Swap Meet buys. I will post my progress on this project for those interested in following. It will be a fun project with a purpose and goal in mind.  


- Single down tube frame
​​- 110" custom Blackhawk engine
​- 5 speed transmission
​- DNA Springer
​- 200 X 18 rear tire, 21" front tire
​- Rivera Pro clutch
- Indian inner and outer primary