If you are considering a custom built motorcycle contact us   at Blackhawk Motor Works  
ask for Frank. 

As of 2003 the Blackhawk Motor Works received licensing by the State of Florida as a manufacturer of motorcycles with Federal VIN authorization. These unique bikes can’t be bought at a dealer.  These are all custom built to the specifications of the buyer not only for performance but also the look.     Check out the Builds page for some detailed photos of Blackhawk bikes.  

You can find some more details about the oil pump on the Indian Page.   

Frank’s expertise and experience were put to test by the problems with the Indian Power Plus 100 Engine.  Frank, along with Steven “Posie” Pfaff and Mike Kemper of P & M Power Train found many flaws in the engine due to design issues.  They also were able to re-engineer the oil pump which improved the temperature and oil pressure for more effective oil transfer.  They didn’t just stop with getting it done in the shop, Frank and Posie personally road tested the new engines by riding from the East coast to the West coast in all kinds of conditions.

Frank Aliano has had extensive experience in the manufacturing processes of motorcycles having been a VP in charge of Production & Engineering at both BIG DOG & Quantum Motorcycles.  Frank has also done consulting work for Indian Motorcycle and was key in solving the production and engine design problems that plagued Indian Motorcycles in the early 2000s.