·        Engineis torn down, inspected for nature of failure, evaluated for necessary parts and processes required for rebuilding. All parts are then washed and cleaned for rebuild process.
Any necessaryrepairs are made to the crankcase prior to assembly. 
    During the rebuild process the complete flywheel/connecting rod assembly is replaced with an improved trued and balanced unit made to our specifications by a nationally leading supplier of quality engine parts. 
   The oil pump is modified for improved lubrication and lower oil temperatures. The crankcase is also modified for improved lubrication and cooling.
The crankcase breather is relocated to improve crankcase ventilation and internal crankcase pressures.
Cylinders are bored to first proper oversize and piston-to-cylinder clearances are set to the proper specification  
Cylinder headsare completely rebuilt and tested.
Rocker arm end play is reset to proper specification.

All polished components are re-polished during the rebuild process.
All polished components are re-polished during the rebuild process. 
The engine is hot-tested in a test stand fixture for three runs and inspected for leaks, adjustments, and proper engine timing and running. 

The following are typical steps, processes and part changes that are incorporated into each Power Plus 100 engine rebuild performed at Blackhawk Motor Works, Inc. Additional parts or procedures may be required on an individual rebuild basis;